The Tempi Valley, according to ancient references, was formed by a great earthquake that caused a fault, from which the two large mountains, “Olympus” and “Kissavos”, were divided. The rift allowed the waters that covered the Thessalian plain to carve their way to the sea.
The area runs through the river Pinios between the two high mountains. It is easy to imagine that this is an area of ​​rich natural beauty, lush vegetation and long historical importance, embedded in the European Forest Protection Network.
The valley has a length of 10 kilometers and, at its narrowest point, it forms a gorge with a width of 25 meters and a depth of about 500 meters.
It connects to the highway with a hanging bridge, which runs from the side of Olympus above the Pineios River and is situated at a point of particular natural beauty.
( tempi valley)


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