The Folk Art Museum of Constanta

The Folk Art Museum is located in the historic area of Constanta, it is a leading cultural institution of the city. The building was built in 1893 and served for a time as City Hall, called then the Municipal Palace.The only Moorish revival detail on this eclectic museum appears in the framing of the double windows over the entrance, which has Romanesque arch and Corinthian capitals. The entire structure takes the form of an Italian Renaissance palazzo to which a projecting roof has been added.

Originally, the museum was conceived as an exponent of ethnography of Dobrogea, nowadays the institution continues to be a remarkable presence in a world where traditions, customs, folklore and Romanian garb are threatened by excessive modernization that swept the society.

The Folk Art Museum hosts an impressive heritage of Constanta area, consisting of over 15,000 artifacts illustrating the folk culture from different parts of Romania. The museum galleries provide wonderful collections of icons painted on glass and wood, ceramics, costumes, carpets, fabrics, ornaments and tools used by the romanian peasants.

Household objects can be found in an impressive variety, being made of wood, metal or ceramic covering a large geographical area. The whole collection of heritage objects is a remarkable collection of folk and fabrics for household and decoration.

The richness of color and floral designs, vegetal, zoomorphic, anthropomorphic, alternating with stripes and other geometric shapes create the beauty of the ornamental compositions.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: interesting objects.

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