Jakunen fudo : “At peace and unmoved”

The spirit and mind of the person who has had an awakening will be at peace and immovable. It should be noted that the Chinese character jaku (寂) originally meant “without a human voice,” and nen (然) “completely of-itself-so.” Together, they connote not just peace, but also loneliness or desolation, and thus evoke a nuance of wabi. Also, the characters for fudo mean “unmoving” or “still” as well as “immovable,” and thus suggest an inward peace. Lire la suite de « Jakunen fudo : “At peace and unmoved” »

A winter tale

In December 2018, we had a magical Christmas experience which adults loved as much as children. We wandered through the Winter Wood at Tehidy Woods, near Portreath in Cornwall and discovered the enchantment of the faerie kingdom.

On a wintry afternoon or in the darkness, Angelina, Ollie and their bohemian company embellished the bare beauty of their special corner of the forest to create an enchanting, glittery, candlelit wonderland where theatre was taken into the landscape. Lire la suite de « A winter tale »

Forest bathing

Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese term usually translated into English by « Forest bathing ». It describes the practice of healing through being immersed in nature.
Quarter of a mile from our house lays a narrow path which marks the entrance into the woods. This is the largest private forest of the county, dedicated to hunting and timber cutting.

Everybody knows that going on a walk helps improve your overall health – a good walk is good for your cardiovascular health- Shinrin-yoku has been shown to lower the concentration of cortisol (the stress hormone), as well as pulse rate and blood pressure. Trees release compounds called phytoncides, which you’d inhale during a walk in the woods.
But what matters here is how you set your mind during this walk to make the practice of shinrin-yoku efficient. Lire la suite de « Forest bathing »