This week we’ll be exploring the creative possibilities of paper. Paper is interesting because it can both reflect light as well as transmit light depending on whether it is being frontlit or backlit. Paper can be bent, folded, crumpled, stacked, fanned, and/or cut to create interesting designs and textures when viewed through the lens of a camera.

  • Create a B&W image of paper. It can be abstract or pictorial – the choice is yours.
  • I encourage you to experiment with the way light interacts with paper to create a unique image.
  • Your final image should be a B&W grayscale image. You can come to that image any way that you would like from capturing B&W in camera to converting in post-processing.
  • Don’t ignore proper exposure, contrast and composition which are especially important in a B&W image.

Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero


WEEK 48: Paper– 2018 Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge