Neamt fortress

Built in the 14th century, the fortress of Neamt is one of the most important medieval monuments in Romania and a symbol of the anti-Ottoman fight.

Issued from the local society’s necessities, the fortress of Neamt was build in the period of consolidation of the romanian medieval state on the east side of Carpathians. Along the centuries, the history of the fortress has been tidely combined with the history of the whole Moldavia, for the fortress marked some important moments of this history, keeping on its walls the traces of the days of glory or those of sorrow of the past times.

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Neamt Fortress

This medieval stronghold is located in Targu Neamt. Built in the 1400s by prince Petru Musat, Neamt reached its peak during the time of Stefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great) Moldova’s greatest leader. Today, the fortress is home to a museum where visitors can learn about life in the 15th Century.
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