Brancoveanu returns home : His wish has been accomplished.

The Horezu Monastery was built between 1690 and 1697 and has preserved to this day most of its original murals. The history of the site (included in the UNESCO heritage) is closely tied to the life of the Romanian prince Constantin Brancoveanu, the founder of Horezu Monastery.

After a 26-year reign, during which he revitalized the country’s cultural life and developed a unique architectural style, with elements inspired by the local architecture and ornaments, he was taken prisoner by the Ottoman Empire and accused of treason. His imprisonment occurred in 1714, as a consequence of the fact that he was taking advantage of Russian and Ottoman alliances at the same time. He was discovered and deposed from his throne by Sultan Ahmed III. Then brought under arrest to Constantinople.
He was thrown into a dungeon within the fortress of Yedikule (the Seven Towers). There he was tortured by the Ottomans, who hoped to locate the famous fortune he had supposedly amassed. The prince rejected the Porte’s false accusations, refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing and was executed, together with his four sons.
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