Around a corner, the oldest pub in Exeter

This pub is situated in the area known as Shilhay, close to the quay, on Commercial Road. Dating back to 1327, it is the first public house to be built just outside the city walls.

The building looks like two terraced cottages with the higher leat running behind. Just next to the drying fields of racks, for the woollen trade, the building was used in medieval times as a meeting place for the local woollen mill owners – Tuckers Hall in Fore Street replaced this function in 1471. For some reason, it traded with the name Nosey Parkers for a time up until 1988. The lower leat used to run across the front of the building, and customers had to cross a small bridge to reach the entrance. The leat has since been filled in, and patrons who choose to sup their pint, sitting on a bench at the front, are sitting on the site of a water course that powered many city fulling mills.

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