York Minster: ‘once-in-a-century’ refurbishment.

The detailed work of re-painting the Grand Organ’s decorative pipes began on-site at the Minster in late January 2020. Gilders Robert Woodland and Deborah Miller are working in a special compound in the North Transept which allows visitors a rare opportunity to see this once-in-a-century work up-close.( York Minster.org) *** One Word Sunday: action.

Organ – Derby cathedral

In 1939, an organ was installed by John Compton of London, although it did not gain its impressive case. Due to the intervening war it was without a case until 1963 when a case with dummy pipes was designed by Sebastian Comper. It is played from a four manual console in the Consistory Court areaContinue reading “Organ – Derby cathedral”