Bernay, city of Art and History

Between 996 and 1008, the Duke of Normandy, Richard II, offers this area in dowry to his wife, Judith of Brittany, who founded the benedictine Abbey which is a jewel of the Norman Romanesque architecture. Commercial activity of Bernay takes off as early as 1198. The town is known for its cloth industry.  Lire la suite de « Bernay, city of Art and History »


The oldest house in Bayeux

The city is very old, dating back to 1st century BC when it started as a Roman settlement. Before that time the area was inhabited by the Celts. The city, although the first city to be liberated by the Allies during World War II, was spared most of the bombardments that other Normandy cities suffered. It is therefore very much intact the way it used to be in the Middle Ages. Some of the houses have retained the original Normandy-style structure: timber and stone.  Lire la suite de « The oldest house in Bayeux »