Holding my breath…

Low light photography pushes limits. It pushes the limits of technique, demanding constant attention to steadying the camera, subject movement, and changing camera settings to suit the conditions.

Paimpol, Brittany.

In order of priority for human perception, the midtones of an image are naturally the most important as they usually contain the most detail, but they are followed closely by highlights, with shadows in last place.

Stranraer, Scotland.

In one important sense, low light photography is not just another situation, or just another themed area of photography. It carries with it a challenge; that in order to work in these lighting conditions you are forfeiting predictability.

Intentional camera movement.

Quotes from the book: “The Low Light Photography Field Guide” by Michael Freeman.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: low light.

17 thoughts on “Holding my breath…

  1. Hi, Nicole. I enjoyed your post very much–both the images and the text! I’ll take a look at the book you quoted. I love your light painting images and the movement ones. Just great. I’ll have to try those techniques.

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