A winter tale

In December 2018, we had a magical Christmas experience which adults loved as much as children. We wandered through the Winter Wood at Tehidy Woods, near Portreath in Cornwall and discovered the enchantment of the faerie kingdom.

On a wintry afternoon or in the darkness, Angelina, Ollie and their bohemian company embellished the bare beauty of their special corner of the forest to create an enchanting, glittery, candlelit wonderland where theatre was taken into the landscape.

We came across faeries gliding through trees, fire juggling and Old Man Winter with his ancient tales as we wandered through the wood. Beautifully woven story-telling lied at the heart of the performances. Winter Wood celebrated all things seasonal and festive while tapping into our appetite for mystery and surprise.

There is a wood in the wildest part of Cornwall
Where the land meets the swirling sea
And here in the middle of winter
You will find Old magic in the trees
Step this way
Wander into wonder
Experience the wild magic
Of the woodland in midwinter.

Created by Cornwall’s award winning immersive and highly visual Rogue Theatre, Winter Wood is an immersive adventure for families and those who wish to remember the magic we often overlook.

“My excitement for Winter Wood just grows and grows.  This year, more than ever, it feels important to celebrate nature, our connection to each other and to embrace the seasons, the turning of the planets and our midwinter dreams of new beginnings”

– Old Man Winter

Twice listed in the Guardian Newspaper’s Top 10 Christmas Walks, and winner of a What’s On Cornwall Award 2017 for “Best Theatre Show”, Winter Wood is a unique festive marvel to behold, set in the heart of Tehidy Woods, it is part exhilarating walk through the trees and part gathering in a warm tent where a magical story comes to life and a festival spirit unfolds.

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7 thoughts on “A winter tale

  1. What a magical entry for the week Nicole! It must have been very special to have wandered through the magical forest. A brilliant idea for bringing the magic of nature and of the holiday season together into such a special event. Thanks for sharing it with us this week!

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