The Brenne Regional Natural Park is a picturesque region in Central France.
The scenery across the parc is quite varied, but it is for the flat central region of fields, marshes, ponds and hedgerows that it is best known.

The objective of the park is to protect and enhance the natural, cultural and human qualities of the area by implementing an innovative policy for economic, social and cultural development that respects the environment.

Although the small lakes appear very natural today, in fact they are all man-made – a process that started with the development of the Brenne by 12th century monks. This development continues today, with many of the lakes now used as fish farms.

A fish feeder…

and a fish bunker, to avoid fish predation by great cormorans.

The region is very well known for its wildlife, both fauna and flora. Although many of these are small such as lizards, water based plants and orchids the area is also rich in larger animals such as deers and wild boars and the protected environment attracts a wide range of birds.

The best way to see the environment and to hear the birds and insects is by exploring on foot or by bike. The parc have marked numerous walks through the region varying in length from just a few kilometres to more than 20 kilometres.

Birdwatching often involves a significant auditory component, as many bird species are more easily detected and identified by ear than by eye.

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  1. Il est encourageant de voir des endroits comme celui-ci où l’influence de l’homme est d’améliorer l’environnement plutôt que de l’épuiser. J’adore la photo du bateau bleu et du V des oiseaux, qui je crois sont des Grues cendrées (Grus grus) une espèce qu’on ne voit pas aux USA! Merci de partager ce bel endroit avec nous.

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