The oak Guillotin in the Broceliande forest

The forest of Paimpont is the largest remnant of an ancient forest occupying Argoat, the interior region of Brittany. It was more often called the forest of Brécélien, but its ancient character and other qualities underlined by many authors decided on its name of “forest of Brocéliande”, tallying of the adventures of the legend of the Round Table. This flattering designation was reinforced by the birth of the Pays de Brocéliande at the end of the 20th century, an institution intended to facilitate the development of the communes of the west of the département.

The Legend of the Chêne à Guillotin : The oak would have been used as a refuge to the abbot Guillotin during the period of Terror. He hide in the trunk and stayed several days in it.
This tree is about 1000 years old. It is 20m high and 9.65m diameter but the most impressive is that it is hollow. Since 2000, it is protected by the National Forests Office who made arrangements to protect it: cables, wooden terrace, cage.

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