Cornwall does’nt know how to deal with snow

For a few years, snow in Cornwall has seemed to be a bit of a myth.
It hadn’t properly snowed in the county for eight years. People wouldn’t believe weather forecasters when they predicted that the white stuff was coming, and many Cornish children had actually never seen it.
But everything changed when snow started to fall in the county.
At first, people got pretty excited. But the excitement quickly turned into worry and irritation when it came to driving to work or school. Every turn or roundabout became an ice rink, cars were moving in slow motion and the main roads were gridlocked.
All of this because of slush.
Clearly, Cornwall wasn’t ready for slush, nor was it for slush that turned into ice when it froze overnight.
Although most road users were driving very slowly and cautiously and most areas had been gritted, Cornish roads were brought to a standstill. Journeys took twice as long as usual, and some drivers even had to turn around.
The whole situation was quite chaotic.


Thursday’s Special photo challenge : wintry.

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