My neighborhood

The river Risle edged with red twig dogwoods.
Beaumont-le-Roger, Normandy.


This is a storytelling/editorial Photo Challenge. As much as you can be tempted to take a cityscape of your hometown or your adopted homeland, there’s much more to this challenge than photographing a bunch of buildings.
Don’t be afraid to focus on the small things that are unique to your region and/or your locality. Just like in architecture, you don’t only photograph the whole building as close-ups of architectural details may be just as valuable.
People are an intricate part of what makes your region unique. In our modern world it’s as easy to find a society of historical decent as much as it is to find multiculturalism.
Don’t be afraid to portray your differences as it’s what makes you uniquely, YOU! That said we encourage freedom of expression through photography but highly discourage conflictual criticism of an image simply because one does not endorse a specific government, religion or way of life.

Steve Troletti.


2018 WEEK 1: 2008 FLASHBACK – MY NEIGHBORHOOD – 10th Anniversary Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge

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