Left to imagination.

For this week’s challenge, the goal is to leave part of your image up to the viewer’s imagination. By doing so, the viewer will spend more time looking at your image, trying to mentally fill in the missing pieces. By engaging the viewer’s imagination this way, you can create a more memorable, enjoyable photo. As well, since people often see what they want to see, the viewer may fill in the missing pieces in a way that is most special or meaningful to them.

There are a number of ways to engage the viewer’s imagination: You can do so by obscuring part of the scene, by making the viewer wonder what is happening (or what is going to happen next), or by leaving something out of frame entirely. The options are wide open to your creativity as a photographer.

Eric Minbiole.


WEEK 47: Left to the Imagination – 2017 Trevor Carpenter PhotoChallenge

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