Yarmouth pier

Yarmouth Pier is a Victorian pleasure pier, located in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. It is the longest wooden pier in England. Its total length is 186 metres (610 ft). It opened in 1876 and frequently requires restoration due to the relatively short lifespan of the wooden piles. Following its latest restoration scheme, it reopened to the public in 2008.
The decking and handrails are of Douglas Fir and in order to raise much needed restoration funds the name of contributors who gave £25 was engraved in each of the 552 decking planks.
The piles are constructed from Greenheart a South American hardwood that is so heavy and dense that it sinks in water. This also helps deter the ‘gribble’ a marine equivalent to woodworm.


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8 thoughts on “Yarmouth pier

  1. Oh that brings back so many wonderful memories of my childhood holidays on IOW. We would take the ferry to Yarmouth and stay at a place called Colwell Bay, which was just a short bus ride from Yarmouth. Of course in the late 50’s and early 60’s the names were not on the pier. I never realise the fame of the pier being the longest in wood.

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