Notre Dame de Grace – Honfleur

Situated on the top of the hill above Honfleur, Notre Dame de Grace is a charming chapel. The original chapel was commissioned by King Richard II. The current church has been in existence on the location since the mid 17th century.

The inside is decorated with sailboats all over, along with thank you plaques for Mary answering their prayers.

This chapel is famous for its ex-voto model ships, carefully handcrafted by seamen to thank The Lady for saving their ship.

A wall of poignant memorials. A strong sense of a seafaring community.

Boats hanging from the ceiling, pictures of boats on the walls and even the stained glass windows have sailors.

The stain glass continues with the nautical theme. One must not forget that seafaring was a dangerous profession and the congregants found solace in quiet of this place.

Outside there is the bells chime that automatically plays every 15 minutes.

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